Meet the CEO

Hey everyone!
My name is Meya Wright, owner of Naptroyal. I have been catering to natural hair for over 20 years, and natural hair care is my passion. When I was younger, I always wondered why everyone complained about the manageability of African-American hair textures. Over the years, clients would inquire about what products they could use to prevent dry scalp, dehydration, and how they could make their hair more manageable. I recommended numerous products, but clients would always come back with unsatisfactory results. Determined to solve my clients' issues, I decided to do some research and develop natural products of my own. I wanted to ensure that each ingredient catered to the specific problems my clients faced. Each product has a purpose, made with key ingredients that help common issues with scalp and hydration. All my products are homemade and hand packaged with so much love!
I want to thank each one of you for taking out time to support Naptroyal and allowing my products to anoint your head! ENJOY!
I am crowning one head at a time! "Be Nappy! Be Natural! Be Royal!"